We are little wanderers.

We pursue our passion for wandering:
to be curious of the little things in everything we wander across.

To acknowledge how little we are.
We focus on how the little things we wander into and about is worth more than the sum of its parts.

To realize we can still grow.
Our youth, we define as a line connected by a series of points unrelated to the spectrum of age and time. We believe in moments that we value in cents of two.

Your Wanderers:

Jackie Teer

Jackie TeerJackie cannot be defined by who she is; she’s still figuring that out. From what I know, she’s a little wanderer with little fingers and a lot of wonders. She’ll bring up an interesting discussion on the possibility of a zombie apocalypse, talk about the latest trends, or just simply smile. Often, a smile is more than enough. There’s much to know that we can only discover from her writing.

When she’s not blogging, Jackie can be found reading a book, taking strolls wherever she wanders and of course, writing about it. 




Elijah Lagman
ELIElijah remains to be, at least from my experience, one of the most difficult people to read. This is due to his constant struggle to develop his identity.  With this thirst for knowledge and exploring new things, he gains my respect for his writing. I can’t help but admire the boundlessness of his interests. On that regard, the importance he places on quality is nothing short of admirable neither.

Never failing to inspire, I look forward to cultivating and upholding the lifestyle we’ve brazenly coined as “wandering.”