Graduation and Growth: How things have gradually changed for the better

by Elijah MK Lagman

Graduate's perspective

Graduating high school isn’t just about getting that rolled up piece of paper. Graduation made me realize that the bubble that I’ve lived in for the past 13 years has popped. I am currently at free fall to the real world. Instead of watching from a safe distance a thousand meters in the air, I will soon be walking, wandering, and living in the world. And right now, as I approach terminal velocity, everything is closing in on me at a speed beyond overwhelming.

I was scared at first but then I noticed that actually: this is a great feeling. The distance between the school and me is exponentially increasing and for the longest second, I feel free.

For these very few moments, before I pull the chute and transition into the world of college, I’m going to let my mind wander and reflect on what I’ve done, how I’ve done it and what I’m going to do now having done it.

Most say graduation is a rite of passage that we can either pass by or pass through. High school can fly by as quickly as it can fall in slow motion; It’s all a matter of perspective. It may be mere coincidence that I’ve found the love of my life in my senior year or that I had a falling out with my best friend of 3 years. These significant events, good and bad, happened without my direct control but had a distinct purpose.

I could have talked about any event, from my first prom to the sleepless nights doing my extended essay but these weren’t unique to me; they seemed to have happened to everybody.

We find an event ‘significant’ primarily due to the fact that we acknowledge its very weirdness in our lives so much so that we attach a great deal of sentiment. The nostalgic qualities in significant events, such as graduation, prove that reminiscence is a reminder of the lessons we’ve learnt. Looking back made us who we are now, good or bad. We grow in this way, and adapt our viewpoints and values to (hopefully) become better people and now, look forward.

Most say graduation is a rite of passage that we can either pass by or pass through. I would prefer the latter as we take our painfully pleasant memories of our bubbled high school cocoon and emerge, a beautiful butterfly.