19 Things to Do the Summer Before University

by JacquelineTeer

Summer Sunset

19 Things To Do The Summer Before University:

University is a huge 4-year investment. This means that the summer before you head off to University has to be fun and productive to not only relax from your 4 year high-school-haul, but should also prepare you for the next 4-year-haul ahead. These are just a few things you can do to stay busy!

  1. Get an internship/ volunteer

Keep your work profile in mind. This will allow you to be able to land future internships or jobs which may give you advantage once you’re in the actual job market.

You will not only gain experience, it may even drive your passion towards or against certain professions and inform future career decisions (which you now have to think about!).


  1. Take time to plan what courses you are going to take for your first semester.

Make relevant plans with your intended course advisor (this may vary in difficulty depending how far you live from your University)

This will make your transition into college a lot easier and more seamless if you know exactly what you’re studying and why you are studying it. Be wary of the several pre-requisites, both of your university, of your college and intended major and make sure you’re fulfilling them!

  1. Study for your first semester classes.

Most schools already have a course list, and with this comes a list of relevant books. The first semester is a time of transition and you will encounter new places, new people and new classes. College classes are very different from high school classes so having a head start through studying will ease this transition and save you the stress.


  1. Take your time to do some interior designing for your dorm.

Pinterest is a great place to start.

Feeling at home in a dorm room can make or break your stay in college– if you’re that person…


  1. Explore different genres of books!

If you only read fiction, read some non-fiction, if you only read YA books, read some Shakespeare. This broadens your literary scope and can prevents you from getting stuck on a genre that you enjoy. I never knew I liked celebrity biographies till I took a break from Classic Drama… they’re also very similar in some ways, it’s great.


  1. Pick up a skill or a skill-based hobby such as:
  • Photography
  • Playing and instrument
  • Art: Calligraphy
  • Languages
  • Photoshop or web design


  1. Clean out your laptop of high school files

You have just finished a 4-year high school career that probably produced a lot of media junk that is not necessarily unimportant but should be taken out of the way for your new college career. In fact, some may even consider getting a new laptop.

Don’t delete your old files, however, put it on a hard drive because you may need these files in the future.


  1. Clean out your closet!

Your high school fashion is most likely outdated, go shopping. It’s not difficult to lose sight of how much clothes you truly have without really going through your clothes one by one.

  1. Good pair of high-wasited skinny jeans
  2. Basic tank tops
  3. Cute sturdy pair of ankle-length boots


  1. Do some writing.

For me, writing is my place of solitude in the business of my thoughts. The great thing about writing is that there are many different styles of writing you can tap into. It is especially important when you’ve just ended a huge part of your life and beginning one part of your life. College and all that is related is something you’ll want to remember.

  • Song writing: would be a good idea to record these as well
  • Blog writing: It’s so easy to set up a blogger, WordPress, or Tumblr!
  • Poetry/ prose: This is a good creative outlet.
  • Journaling: Recording your everyday thoughts and experiences will be a nice way to reflect but also it’s a time in your life you’re going to want to remember.

There is even a website called iwriter where in, if committed, you can get paid for making articles for people.


  1. Cleanse your social media.

This includes but is not limited to reorganising your friends, followers, pictures, albums, groups, descriptions, etc.

This is in order to optimise your college experience. Considering you most probably made your social media accounts  fairly young, there might be a few things you’d want to change.


  1. Take more pictures!

Maybe even liven up your Instagram game? This makes it a lot easier to decorate your dorm walls.


  1. Create a LinkedIn account.

In preparation for your now upcoming and soon to be blossoming career, a LinkedIn account will be very helpful.


  1. Go to the beach with friends because why not?

Take loads of pictures!


  1. Delve into music!

If you are interested in music, think about making a sound cloud or starting a YouTube channel and posting covers or original work! Bands are always looking for sub-ins, so maybe look for a band you could join or jam with temporarily!


  1. Try a weird and exotic sport
  • Pole Dancing
  • Aerial Silk
  • Mermaid School

Be able to say you did it! Better yet, do it with a friend and have proof you did it! Take loads of pictures.


  1. Try a 30-day challenge!

My favourites:


  1. Improve your handwriting.

This isn’t that difficult to do because all it takes is pen, paper, and a few hours of dedication. Honestly, pretty handwriting is under-rated.


  1. Revert your hair to a more maintainable length and style.

There will be no time (or money) for a high maintenance haircut in University. So say bye-bye to the colour and the under-cut.


  1. Online courses on Coursera!

Coursera‘s a good way to get ahead in University without the pressure of University. There are a ton of courses to choose from and you can even get certification for some of them.


At the end of the day, your summer should be about you and preparing yourself for the huge journey ahead. Spend as much time as you can with your friends and most importantly, don’t forget your sunscreen!