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My Approach to Highschool

by JacquelineTeer

High school is where grades begin to truly matter, at least for me. Your high school GPA is now a huge piece of a puzzle that will determine what university you will get into.The 1st trait I notice that sets apart people who do well in high school is their demeanour and attentiveness in class.

1. Engaged listening

I found it much easier to follow a class when I engaged in the class with the teacher. This is much easier in a smaller class, but still possible in a large one. Engaged listening is truly what sets many student apart and this involves:


raising handAsking questions when you need clarification or assistance.


“Low achieving students- those in most need of assistance—appear to ask increasingly fewer questions as they proceed in school from grade to grade.”

(Good, 1981; Good, Slavings, Harel, & Emerson, 1987)


If you’re a “low achieving student,” you don’t have to ask about everything, but definitely try to ask about small relevant things. The logic of this is: in order to ask a question, you must have thought about the material, showing that you care.

Young female is writing notes and planning her schedule.

Actively taking notes.

I do admit I take an extensive set of notes; I use the Cornell note-taking system.

Yet, although active note taking is instrumental for me, I personally think that if your note taking gets in the way of your absorbing the material, you are better off simply listening to the teacher. If you take notes without absorbing the explanations, you will be left with empty words that you don’t understand. You could instead ask the teacher to email you the PowerPoint and take short notes of what he says.

PRO TIP: Something that works well for me is reading my class notes once I get home. Within days of practicing this, you’ll be surprised how much you’ve already forgotten after a few hours. You’ll also be surprised how much more you will remember over your peers after having kept this up.


On that note, since this article is an attempt to update your approach to high school, it is relevant to mention the use of laptops to take notes. For many, this is a viable option. I have seen many peers succeed with this note-taking style, but personally it feels detached. The ease of tabbing into Twitter and Facebook is all too real. Just remember, if you are taking this route don’t  forget to backup your files! I recommend investing in a 2TB hard drive


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The Best YouTube Bassists of 2015

by Elijah MK Lagman

Besides my sights for medical school, I’ve also got an ear for the electric bass. Before the year ends, I wanted to share a couple of bassists that have inspired me by their pioneering technique in manipulating the instrument to new heights. YouTube bassists don’t tend to release their own material with the exception of 1-2 minute improvisations of programmed synth and drums. So they’re kind of Weird Al without the often cringeworthy (but totally laughable) lyrical manipulation.  What are we waiting for? 

Note: I’m only considering bassists who’ve gained popularity through YouTube. This is also in no particular order

1. Zander Zonzander zon

The pioneer of YouTube piccolo bass, Zander has had a lovely year being even more experimental than the last. What’s a piccolo bass? No, it’s not guitar strings on a bass. It’s a bass with strings that can reach a higher range than the normal electric bass and can include guitar tunings (EADG) but I don’t think Zander ever did. Using electric bows, acoustic 6 string basses (that pretty much look like acoustic guitars but don’t sound so), electric cellos and finally, he’s started collaborating with the likes of Miki SantamariaCharlie Puth and vocalists such as KJC. You’d think he was busy this year but having only posted 6 videos, we know he’s been busy teaching as well as coming up with these beautiful arrangements. I’d still consider him one of the best as even if you check the comments in his videos, the bassists I look up to now still comment on his finesse and playing and he’s not even that old, mind you. His quirky username combines the name of his infamous headless 4 string piccolo Zon bass with his own. There’s nothing much like Zander and there might not ever be one.

Recommended Videos:

  1. Mr. Brightside (cover) I love this song, and what more as a bass solo? It inspired me to learn it and cover it note per note!
  2. Looking Glass (original). This song was truly ahead of its time and cemented Zander Zon as a YouTube Bassist. I would listen to this more often than his covers of popular songs.


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